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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


One thing that I'm not sure about is the level of stress that I was under in previous weight losses. So, far I'm doing well in this 3rd go around- I've been pretty much perfect. However, without food around, I feel the stress level increasing substantially. I need to get back on the bike to burn some of this stress!

Friday, July 6, 2018

This time is the charm

Weight loss will always be a lifelong battle for me. I have started the program again and am in the 4th week of product.

So far:

6/21/2018 starting weight 340 ending weight 325
6/28/2018 starting weight 325 ending weight 320
7/5/2018 starting weight 320 ending weight 314.5

So far, so good. This is day 22. Let's see how it goes.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I lost another 5.5 pounds this week. I'm getting closer to fitting into my old suits, but at 250 pounds even, I figure that I'm a good 20 to 25 pounds away. I have three weeks to go before my Sept 1 presurgery appointment. Perhaps I can lost 12 to 15 more pounds by then. Then it's probably a good time waiting until I can once again enter the positive choice program- it could be as long as 6 weeks, depending largely on my recovery from knee surgery. It's tempting to continue the fast until September 8 and lose another 4 to 5 pounds before I go on hiatus. But I'm trying to keep the long term in view, here.

8/12/2016 255.5 to 250.0, 5.5 pounds lost

Monday, August 8, 2016

Thinking about another member of the 100 club

The 100 pound club. When I started on the journey of weight loss a couple years ago, my goal was to be a member of the 100 pound club. I read about men and women who had lost over 100 pounds and was inspired. Two of my friends lost the weight through surgery, but I focused on people who had lost weight through a restricted calorie diet- particularly Optifast, where you subsist on 400 calories/day.

One man whose blog I read with some enthusiasm was "Optifast Loser"- he lost close to 200 pounds, then gained some of the weight back. Then his blog entries stopped. I always wondered what had happened to him. Was he successful, but just tired of writing these blog posts? Did he backslide, like I did, and became too embarrassed to share this with the world?

So, far it looks like I'll be successful in beating down the weight again. I've been pretty perfect with my diet over the first 39 days (with 35 lbs lost as of last Thursday) and I can see reaching 199 again to even out at 215 lbs.

But, I think I myself suffered a bit from the embarrassment factor. I didn't want to admit to everyone that the weight had come back again. Really, when I hit 250, I should have signed up again for the program, but I delayed and it was 40 pounds later that I refocused myself. Better late than never, though?

To make this work long term, I need to refocus myself and keep myself accountable for the months after this current weight loss. This means, constant weighing of myself and being frank about the weight gain when it happens.

Some thoughts...

Friday, August 5, 2016

Thirty Five pounds down! Race to surgery

My new chart

7/1/2016 290 lbs
7/7/16 274.5 15.5 lbs lost
7/14/2016 272 2.5 lbs lost
7/21/16 266, 6 lbs lost
7/28/16 261.5 4.5 lbs lost
8/4/16 255.5 6 lbs lost

I've got until September, when I undergo my surgery. I have to take time off the diet for knee surgery, but am hoping to lose another 16 lbs prior to going under the knife. 239 sounds like a nice number.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Positive Choice instructor Steve used to say that just because you've fallen down the stairs, there's no reason to keep falling. After some 9 months of maintaining my weight, between November 2015 and June 2016, my weight went from 214 to 290. In between, I hurt my knee in a cycling accident, which contributed a bit to the gain.

So, starting July 1, I've been back on product. So far, so good. Twenty four pounds lost.

Starting weight 7/1- 290 lbs
7/8- 274.5 lbs
7/15- 266 lbs

I'm planning to "re-zero" my weight down to 199, eventually. Then I'll rebuild my muscle, just like last time. However, in 5 to 9 weeks, I will likely be scheduled for my knee surgery and will, I think, have to take a break from the product to prepare/recover from the surgery.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A little update on the diet

Was this symbolic? Attending a ceremony where a pig was sacrificed and roasted is a somewhat uncomfortable experience for a guy with a formerly, shall we say, hoggish appetite.

Anyway, I've been cycling since last I wrote. Ever since I've dropped the weight, cycling has been much easier. It makes sense if you think about it. People spend oodles of money to get a bike that's just a few pounds lighter than your average bike so they can ride faster. Well...I dropped 134 pounds of weight. So, you think that might make me blazing fast...

But it doesn't. I'm perhaps fastest among my friends, but in a recent bike race, I was the 310th person to cross the finish line...beating maybe a hundred people. I think I saw more than a few little old ladies and men passing me, along with a very determined looking 8 year old. I tell my wife the 8 year old is clearly a future Olympian...

Still, I am enjoying myself immensely. I bike every weekend for hours and sneak bike rides in during the week. I recently bought myself a carbon road bike and I've convinced myself that this is the path to greater fitness.

Speaking of which, you may be happy to hear that I'm still relatively skinny. My weight has remained in the 205 to 210 pound range since November. My diet has remained fairly strict, though I don't count calories. I mostly eat vegetables, chicken, fish, eggs and fruit almost to the exclusion of everything else. My vices are almond butter by the spoonful, an occasional piece of fried chicken and I've recently started allowing myself a spoonful of a desert if it looks particularly good. So, if you order Spumoni ice cream, don't sit to close to me and my spoon.

My exercise has consisted of the aforementioned cycling and weight lifting. I recently completed two bike races- a 38 mile Rosarito to Valle de Guadalupe race and a 56 mile San Diego Race. When I started weight lifting in November, I was pretty wimpy. The diet took a good deal of muscle, I think. But, after consistent weight lifting, I've about doubled the weight that I can lift. To be honest, I'm probably still kind of wimpy..but I'm working on it!

I'd like to thank all of you that have supported me with your kind thoughts through this process. It's made some hard days go by much easier to hear a compliment or a good humored post. One of my favorite quotes from the movie The Edge with Anthony Hopkins is "What one man can do, another can do." I've learned from many people that have successfully lost weight. If they could do it, it helped me believe that I could as well. If, reading this, you want to lose weight, you can definitely succeed as well!